VLOG What, How, and Why: A Reflection on the 2nd Habit

In today’s VLOG, we continue our discussion on the 2nd habit of highly effective people, “Begin with the end in mind.” Click here to read about how to write your retirement speech and here to read about how Dene’ lives the 2nd habit in her classroom.

In his video, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”, Simon Sinek talks about how companies can be divided among three categories. The first company knows “what” it does. For example, a company makes Chapstick or something like that. The second company knows “how” to do it. I’m sure makers of Chapstick know how they do it. The third and most effective company-think Chick Fil A, Southwest Airlines, etc.-knows “why” it does what it does.

This idea is important for human beings as well. Each of us has a universal call or vocation to holiness. This is our “what”. We fulfill this call in different ways; some as priests, some as religious, some as married persons. This is our “how”. Each of though has a deeper meaning, a deeper purpose within our “how”. This is called our “why”.

For example, look at St. Teresa of Kolkata. Her “what” is that universal vocation to holiness. “How” she accomplished this is through being a religious sister. But, her deeper “why”, a sort of deeper calling from God, came on a train while on a retreat in Darjeeling India. This “why” within her “what” and “how” was to serve the poorest of the poor in Kolkata, India. Like St. Teresa of Kolkata, each of us has a “why” within our “what” and “how”. Speaking of beginning with the end in mind, I propose our “why” is our end. In other words, when we retire or we pass away, we hope that we have fulfilled our “why” to the best of our ability. We know St. Teresa of Kolkata sure did!

The question is, how do we figure out what our “why” is? This will be the topic of our new weekly video series entitled, “How to create a self-culture.” We will first delve into prayer, then discerning our “why”, then crafting a vision statement, mission statement, a list of core values, and practical personal expectations on how we can live those core values and mission.

This video series will take place on Facebook Live at 5 PM EST on Thursdays. Please tune in!

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