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We are going through a video series entitled, “How to Create a Self-Culture.” In today’s video, we focus on vision. For our purposes, vision is our “why”; vision is our end goal. For example, when you drive, you have an end destination. In other words, your “vision” for driving is to get to that end destination. Dene’ and I have a dream of going on a fall foliage pilgrimage in New England. So, if we are driving in mid-October to the northeast, our fall foliage pilgrimage or New England is our end goal, our “why”, or our vision.

What is our end goal, our “why”, our vision as faithful Catholics-as all persons, really? Father Francis Fernandez, author of In Conversation with God, says that our vision is to “lead all men to their supernatural and eternal destiny…” So, unlike other things in our lives that would require more discernment or an extended period of prayer, our vision as faithful Catholics is simply heaven. Even more, our vision is to get to heaven and, with God’s grace, help other people get there as well.

This is simple, but sometimes forgotten. I forgot this, for example, several soccer seasons ago. I had high expectations coming into the season, but six torn ACLs and many losses later, I was discouraged. Thankfully, after a couple days of praying about this discouragement, the Lord reminded me that I don’t coach to win games. Rather, I coach to help get the persons I coach to heaven. After Jesus gently reminded me of that, my whole outlook to coaching changed and, believe it or not, we started to get results on the field.

So, because it can be forgotten, my recommendation is to write your vision down in the form of a vision statement. That way, even in the midst of the joys and sufferings of life, you can daily remind yourself of your end goal. My vision statement is, “To be in heaven with those in my sphere of influence.” Those in my sphere of influence include, in order, myself, my family, the women I coach, my co-workers, and really anyone with whom I have the opportunity to have a conversation or with whom I can build a relationship.

So, some practical steps for crafting a vision statement are:

  1. Take some extra time in prayer this week to meditate on heaven. Some Scripture verses about heaven may be helpful to get you started.
  2. Envision being in heaven with those in your sphere of influence.
  3. In your examen, write down some fears, anxieties, worries, or distractions that may be a barrier to keeping your ultimate end goal in mind. After you write them down, surrender them to the Lord, and rest in his presence.
  4. Write down your vision statement. You can craft it any way you see fit.
  5. Read your vision statement daily.

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