Enthusiastic Beginner

James developed a love for soccer one year ago. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t play (sometimes in the house to the dismay of our lamps) or watch soccer.

When he began to play, he was excited (high commitment), but didn’t quite know what he was doing (low competence).

So, Dene’ and I set about teaching him how to kick (high direction) without a lot of encouragement (low support).

Why didn’t we give him a lot of encouragement? He was already excited and didn’t need it.

High commitment and low competence.

High direction and low support.

Leaders, are you able to diagnose your enthusiastic beginners? What type of direction and support are you giving them?

Followers, do you have a lot of excitement, but not a lot of know-how? What type of direction and support is your leader giving you? Are you willing to ask your leader for help? 

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